Bilingual Immersion

Knowledge of languages can significantly contribute to a child’s development. Bilingualism has been shown to improve various kinds of cognitive function and is certainly a valuable asset in today’s world. Fortunately, languages can be absorbed seamlessly if instilled from a young age in a thoughtful and consistent manner. Zarkor is a bilingual school, educating students who are fully fluent in both Hebrew and English. The goal is for students to be on par with their American counterparts in terms of fluency in English, including in reading and writing. In addition, once English and Hebrew are sufficiently absorbed, the students will study additional languages (Arabic, French, or Russian).
In order to achieve true bilingualism, Zarkor will utilize the bilingual immersion system. Accordingly, regular educational instruction will be conducted in both target languages, namely English and Hebrew. This means that English is an educational tool as well as educational objective. Students who are learning a language through the immersion system develop the linguistic agility necessary for understanding both the material being taught and how to interact socially in the target language. The goal of Zarkor’s language program is for its recipients to approach the English proficiency of a native speaker, along with knowledge of the culture in which the English language is anchored.
Zarkor’s bilingual program will provide students with the linguistic input in both Hebrew and English that should allow each child to realize his or her potential for fluency in both languages. This includes the development of a native accent, a rich vocabulary, established and complex grammatical constellations, exemplary verbal and written abilities, and knowledge of the culture underlying the language. From this basis, children will be able to continue further developing their linguistic abilities through social and educational interactions.