Elementary School

Starting from grade one students at Zarkor are acquiring many different tools to help them solve problems, deal with stressful situations and learn how to properly regulate their emotions and feelings. The daily work that children do in class encourages open dialogue, which will support the children in navigating complex emotional and social situations and in achieving mental resilience. p

One of our main goals is to encourage children to become independent learners. At Zarkor we cultivate learners who independently solve problems, who know how to organize their thoughts and to set goals and objectives for the future. We cultivate students who can face challenges and difficulties and grow from them. We help our students to stay curious and confident to take risks that are often accompany a true exploration. The goal is to empower our students to make choices and ask the right questions, without needing external confirmation or validation. p

Various projects that our children will be working on will help them to refine their teamwork skills. At Zarkor teamwork is deeply rooted in respect, empathy and consideration towards others. In addition, our students are encouraged to research and to use creative and critical thinking, while ensuring they meet strict deadlines and demonstrate individual and group responsibility. As part of peer-to-peer learning, the children will be required to give presentations and practice delivering a message to an audience, while receiving/giving constructive feedback. p

At Zarkor, learning the core subjects happens in two ways: the first – by working on one particular topic in small groups and practicing independently; the second – by working on a multi-disciplinary integrated projects that incorporate all the topics they’ve studied. Learning takes place through experience, play and exploration, which encourages children to think creatively and critically, while providing them with the tools to support them in a dynamic and ever-changing reality in our lives. p