Our children are growing into a new era of infinite abundance. Plenty of information, content, learning methods, options and also of food. Within this abundance, they need to know how to conduct themselves wisely out of inner listening and motivation which is unique to each and every boy and girl and helps them find the right path for them. Just like in other areas, our school strives for excellence in the field of food, which will nourish your children and we have a duty to teach them and ensure that the workmanship is of high quality and adapted. Zarkur School provides 3 meals each day: breakfast, lunch and a four-course meal / SNACK – a variety of seasonal fruits and a sandwich with varying spreads. Breakfast, four-course meal, vegetables and fruits are prepared and cut at school by the kitchen staff. Spotlight kitchen is a heating kitchen and is not considered a cooking kitchen (sanitary permits).
Lunch comes from outside catering – “Pepper Production”, a quality supplier with a manufacturer’s license and quality labels. This year too we chose to work with him in light of the successful experience of the past three years, the positive feedback and the knowledge that they will be able to provide the best food for our children at the high standards we have set. Our nutrition thinking team consisting of mothers from the spotlight community who specialize in nutrition, representatives from the catering company, culinary consultant and representatives from the operations team, worked this year and contributed much of its professionalism and experience to give our children the most nutrition and to build a healthy, varied and varied bi-weekly menu. Reference to the entire spotlight population. The menu was built with deep thought and consideration for the following topics:

A menu based on the dietary recommendations and guidelines for sensible nutrition for children of the Ministry of Health and clinical dietitian guidelines

A bi-weekly, kosher, healthy, rich and varied menu that exposes children to different types of food, flavors and textures. But at the same time a delicious menu for children. A diet rich in dietary fiber, whole grains, wholemeal bread only, cooked and fresh vegetables, reduction in the use of salt, non-use of soup powders and serving of a variety of fresh fruits

Research and follow-up on a daily basis – observation during meals, examination of the eating habits and food preferences of spotlight students in the past years

“A visit to the catering and a “tasting

Routine: For children in grades 1-4, breakfast and lunch are served in the dining room. For pre-compulsory and compulsory kindergarten children the meals are served in the kindergartens. The food served will be in the form of a serving – buffet / center of the table. The food that comes from the supplier, comes in a stainless steel gastronome and there is no use of plastic utensils, eating in reusable utensils.