Co-teaching (teaching in teams of two) means two educators are present in the class and are responsible for planning, teaching and evaluating the students. In essence, Zarkor doesn’t see its classroom teachers as service providers, but rather as true parents, albeit not biological ones, to the children in their class. As part of our co-teaching method, two classroom teachers are equally responsible for the educational processes that occur within their classroom.

Co-teaching allows the students to spend more time with their teachers and to get more personal attention from them. It also allows students to utilize active engagement mode and to take responsibility for their learning, starting from kindergarten. In addition, when two teachers are in a classroom, it becomes much easier to split the students into two smaller groups and provide one-on-one teaching, when necessary. Like with parenting, students can learn from two teachers with different teaching styles, ideas, perspectives and experiences. Co-teaching allows us to apply differential teaching methods, work on group projects and use a personalized approach tailored to each student.

When it comes to co-teaching, different models can be used. The model that both teachers will choose will be determined by their personal teaching styles, the needs of the class and the lessons being taught. When teachers and educators are willing to use different models and feel comfortable sharing their classroom as equals, the student experience becomes positive and sets a great example of what a friendly and healthy relationship based on sharing and respect should look like.

:Models of Co-teaching