Project Based Learning (PBL)

Project Based Learning (PBL) refers to students who design, plan and execute a complex project, leading to the creation of a product, presented to an audience (which can include an actual product, written material, play, dance, etc). Project Based Learning is closely related to Inquiry Based Learning also known as Research Based Learning. What unifies PBL and IBL is the process students undertake to eventually create a final product that will be presented in an interactive way to an audience. The PBL/IBL-related process is what allows the students to dream, conceptualize, inquire, research, plan, create and, eventually, produce a desired tangible result. It’s important to emphasize that PBL does not solely focus on the end results of learning but on the learning process itself and the journey our students take.
We chose to focus on Project Based Learning because it invites students to experience meaningful exploration, combining several disciplines and fields of knowledge. In addition, PBL allows students to take an active part in learning, take responsibility for their studies and experience various skills while working on different types of intelligence that allow each student to achieve their academic and emotional development.