Social Emotional Learning

SEL (Social Emotional Learning) focuses on learning about the art of living – which, like any artistic language, is something that one acquires. SEL is also designed for cultivating the tools needed to properly deal with our internal and external reality. This program is based on years of research and is exceedingly widely used worldwide. The aim is for our students to develop emotional (E) skills as well as social (S) skills. Throughout their time learning, students acquire essential life skills that enable them to become well-adjusted, resilient adults with solid mental well-being. These skills are designed to help Zarkor students to manage how they conduct themselves personally and with the society around them.
Emotional, cognitive, and behavioral skills are embedded in social, and emotional learning while being grouped into five key areas: self-awareness, self-regulation of emotions and behaviors, social awareness and understanding of the other (including practicing compassion and empathy), and cultivating social skills to help maintain healthy and rewarding relationships.