Co-teaching means two educators in a class who share the responsibility for planning, instructing and evaluating students. As part of teaching in pairs, educators are considered equally responsible to the class and students. Students get to spend more time with the educators and get more personal attention. In addition, when there are two educators in a class, it is easier to teach students in small groups or one-on-one. Students have the opportunity to learn from teachers who may have different teaching styles, ideas, perspectives and experience. Teaching in pairs allows the application of differential teaching, work on group projects and customized learning. When there are two teachers in a class, the way of teaching changes so that students become passive to active, and they take responsibility for their learning, right from kindergarten.

There are different models for teaching in a pair. The model chosen by the teacher pairs is determined by their personal teaching styles, the unique needs of the class and the lesson being taught. When educators are willing to use different models and feel comfortable sharing their class as equals, the experience for students will be positive and set a personal example of a friendly and healthy relationship based on sharing and respect.

:Models of teaching in pairs