Early Childhood

The main goal of early childhood learning in the spotlight is to nurture our young students so that people will learn and develop throughout their lives, chart for them a path that will educate them as generous, considerate and empathetic people and allow each boy or girl to excel and grow in his or her own unique way.
The curriculum as well as the learning spaces are all designed to realize this goal. Children become adults who learn throughout life as they connect to the act of learning, as they enjoy it, as they take responsibility for it and as learning forms the basis of their growth and development. For this reason, play and exploration are at the heart of early childhood education in the spotlight. Play is a “serious business” – it is the work of children! It naturally leads them to questions about the world around them, leading them to interrogation. Curious and lustful children enjoy learning, manage to take responsibility for their doing, and are shaped by the experience of discovery.
As mentioned, no two children have the same learning and growth process. Some children are auditory learners, while others learn with the help of sensory experiences while others learn most effectively through socio-dramatic play. We therefore build our study units to ensure that each child is given a point of attraction and interest – in language, math, STEM, art, sensory play, socio-dramatic play, and more. Once the boy or girl finds the way to integrate into learning, they are willing to take risks and explore new areas of learning. Here too children who enjoy what they learn take responsibility for learning and continue to grow as they learn more.
At the same time, what all the children have in common is the need to interact with their kindergarten friends, no matter how different they are from each other. The development of the social skills needed to navigate these interactions is necessary for them to become happy and successful people. For this reason, kindness, empathy and respect are the glue that holds the whole educational experience in kindergarten.