We educate our students to strive to reach their academic, emotional, social and behavioral potential, striving to create equal opportunities for excellence and strive for the constant progress of man and society.

During learning we expose our students to a variety of areas of interest at a deep and binding level so that each of them will go through a journey of personal discovery to realize their abilities.

Cultivating personal excellence includes cultivating soft and hard expertise, acquiring tools for effective learning and leadership education, so that each student in the spotlight can face a variety of challenges and experiences that will allow for perseverance, determination and deepening.

:To realize all this we emphasize the following

Differential learning with an emphasis on tailored learning for students who need additional challenge, learning that arouses curiosity and joy of learning. Emphasis on deepening in two areas: deepening in mathematics and the humanities

Will adopt values of mutual respect, in-depth experience of a variety of areas to choose from, requiring perseverance and commitment over an extended period of time, all of which will be delivered as part of dedicated elective courses

Creating a school culture that shines a spotlight on strengths and encourages personal responsibility for learning: Each student is responsible for his or her personal success and happiness