Headmasters Quote

I immigrated as a young boy in 1987 from Leningrad, now known as St. Petersburg, to Eretz Israel. It was a time when an exhausted handful of those who refused to immigrate and prisoners of Zion, we finally managed to break through the iron curtain of the crumbling Soviet empire and fulfill a dream

I grew up in a home where the intensity of Zionism was like the intensity of poverty and persecution we experienced throughout our lives in the USSR. Living in the Jewish state has been a great privilege and aspiration of my family since I can remember.

Excellent education and education for excellence were the overriding goal of my family, despite the appalling poverty that accompanied us for many years. Being educated, my parents believed, was an important part of Jewish identity. This part constituted, among other things, a basis for survival in a society that did not benefit the Jews.

This belief in the importance of education and education for excellence encouraged my parents to send me, despite all the difficulties, to pursue higher education in the United States. Thus, in 1995, I found myself on my way to a doctorate in philosophy and performing arts at New York University. The University and I completed another master’s degree in Business Administration at Columbia University in New York. , I saw the business field as a means on the way to the goal – to return to Israel and contribute to the transformation of our country from a refuge to a magnet for the Jewish people.

Realizing that the almost exclusive survival ammunition of the State of Israel is human capital and that only our advantage as a quality society can ensure the continued existence of our country in such a complicated area, I founded “Spotlight” – a public benefit company that promotes excellence in Israeli society.

As my parents understood it, so do I understand that excellent education and education for excellence as a tool for the future should begin at a young age. This is the reason why “Zarkor” establishes a kindergarten and elementary school (ages 4-18), which combine methodological, educational and pedagogical experience from the most advanced in Israel and around the world.

I invite every family that puts education at the top of the list to take part in the spotlight.


Dr. Michael Friedman