Our Classes

From the first grade, spotlight children acquire various tools that will help them solve problems, deal with stressful situations and self-management. The daily class work encourages open dialogue which will support the children in daily emotional and social struggles and will give them mental resilience.

One of our main goals is to encourage children to become independent learners. Learners who solve problems on their own, who know how to organize their learning and set goals and objectives for the future. Learners who are able to face challenges and difficulties and grow from them. Curious learners who are willing to take risks in learning and trust themselves. Learners who are able to choose, ask questions, and do not need external confirmation that they have done a good job.

As part of the various projects we are working on, the children are refining their teamwork and are required to show respect, empathy and consideration. The work on the projects invites research, creative and critical thinking while meeting the schedule and demonstrating individual and group responsibility. Also, as part of peer learning, the children give presentations and practice standing in front of an audience, conveying and receiving feedback that promotes learning and empowers their peers.

In the spotlight, learning the core subjects takes place on two levels – one, shopping in a small group and independent practice, and the other, in learning through working on a joint project, in which we integrate all the topics studied. Learning takes place through experience and play, experience and exploration, which encourage children to think creatively and critically and thus the children receive a toolbox that will support them in the dynamic reality of our lives.