Our Unique Approach

A connection between an attentive and enveloping environment and personal and academic excellence

The starting point of the “Spotlight” school is that academic excellence and an attentive and enveloping environment are not opposed to each other. Today’s students definitely need an interactive learning environment that spurs achievement by stimulating interest, motivation and participation. Older learning methods that give preference to oral lecture and memorization Seem to suppress the child’s creativity and deprive him of a chance to develop a genuine love for the acquisition of knowledge.On the other hand, discipline, academic diligence and respect for the teacher are often sacrificed on the altar of more advanced values ​​of warm and enveloping attitude.

It does not have to be this way. The “Spotlight” school will strive to instill in its students discipline and healthy work habits – which are a necessary component of success of any kind. At the same time, the school will balance discipline and individual learning, high expectations and personal motivation. We believe that the spirit of Israeli entrepreneurship will flourish in such a balanced environment.

Small classes

“Spotlight” will encourage its students to realize personal potential, excellence and education, along with emotional development and social skills. In a constant desire to maintain a balance between them and while paying close attention to each child’s personal space, from a perception that the child is a world and its fullness. “Spotlight” will serve as an incubator for a quality future generation of the State of Israel, contributing to its immediate and distant environment, with identity, social belonging and emotional and physical optimality.


Knowledge of languages ​​contributes significantly to the development of the child. Bilingualism has been shown to improve various types of cognitive functioning and is certainly an important asset in today’s world. Fortunately, languages ​​are absorbed very easily if they are learned in a calculated and consistent way from a young age. Therefore, the “Spotlight” school is a bilingual school that teaches its students to speak both Hebrew and English fluently. In other words, the goal is for “spotlight” students to master the English language, including reading and writing, at the native language level. In addition, during their elementary school studies, students will learn a third language.

In order to achieve bilingualism in these two languages, we will adopt in the “spotlight” the teaching method called immersion, whose foreign name paints a settlement in the linguistic “water space” for its full learning. According to this approach to language teaching, the usual educational activities and teaching of the subjects are conducted in a foreign language, which is the target language and in our case English. This means that English is the means of instruction as well as its purpose. Students learning in the immersion method develop the language skills necessary for understanding the study material and for active literate and social functions in English. But beyond that, the program’s goal is to bring English proficiency as close as possible to its knowledge as an additional first language and an awareness of the culture in which it is anchored.

The bilingual curriculum at “Spotlight” will provide students with a linguistic input in English and Hebrew, so that each of them can derive the maximum possible for them in order to achieve a high level of linguistic and literacy skills in both languages. This means, in both languages, the development of a native accent, a large and varied vocabulary with internal connections, stable and rich grammatical categories, ways of expression appropriate to the language and a well-established and robust knowledge of the written language and the culture from which it derives. From all of these, he will be able to further develop linguistic and literacy skills in both languages, making effective use of social and learning interaction.

Pluralistic approach

Israeli society is polarized and fragmented in various areas of life. The rift between religious and secular is a particularly prominent example of polarization in society. At the same time, we believe that even the most secular strain of Zionism can be enriched, if not violated, by a deep knowledge of Judaism. Therefore, the study of Zionism and Judaism will form the two pillars of pedagogical philosophy in the “spotlight” and will be equally challenging for students from secular and religious families alike. Students will learn about Judaism with an emphasis on tradition, rituals and Jewish values. Students will develop an affinity and belonging to the Jewish heritage and an appreciation of its contribution and importance to Jewish culture and the human community. The purpose of a school is to provide its students with in-depth knowledge and respect for Judaism.

Integrative content

The curricular design will be integrative, interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary and will open artificial boundaries between disciplines. Such a curriculum will create a fruitful and authentic learning process, related to the dynamic, ambiguous and context-dependent reality of life. It will assist the student in the process of understanding the complexity of the real world, which is not achievable through disciplinary fragmentation. Therefore, part of the curriculum will deal with what is between the disciplines, what crosses them and what goes beyond them.