Pluralist Judaic Studies

Link to the Challenges Program Jewish Studies is a key tier for identity, belonging and cultural studies. We believe that all spotlight students should have access to the Jewish and Zionist language, content and tradition. In the spotlight we teach Judaism as a culture, and we work to make the knowledge and values in Judaism accessible to the entire population that visits the school.
In the spotlight, Judaism will develop as a basis for our shared identity based on:

In-depth acquaintance with the Jewish bookcase

Learning and experience through diverse approaches

Critical thinking

:Over the years in the spotlight

We will study Jewish texts alongside Zionist and Israeli texts

We will get to know figures in the Bible, Talmud and Jewish history alongside Jewish leaders and intellectuals over the past two hundred years

We will look for the author and not the one who separates the communities

We will learn different layers of the Hebrew language from biblical texts to piyyutim and poetry to enrich the contemporary language of the students