Project Based Learning

Project-based learning (PBL) refers to students who design, plan and execute an extended project, leading to the creation of a product, presented to an audience (this product can be a product, written material, play or dance, etc.) Learning in this way is related to “research-based learning” ( inquiry-based learning), also called “research-based learning” or “problem-based learning”. Its unique feature is a work process that leads to the creation of a final product that is presented in a concluding event, with the participation of an audience. It is important to emphasize that in this learning it is not the product that is at the center, as happens in product-based learning, but the learning process, the path that learners go through.
We chose to focus on project-based learning because it invites students to an experience of meaningful exploration, combining a number of diverse and diverse disciplines and fields of knowledge. In addition, this way of learning allows students to be active in learning, take responsibility for their learning and experiment with a variety of skills while working on different types of intelligences that allow each and every student academic, emotional and value development.