Forth grade's Desert project

All the answers to these questions can be found in our 4th grade’s desert project

PBL - Project-Based Learning

In February, our fourth-grade students went for a walk in the desert. This trip was one of the main components of our “Desert Team”, which explored deserts in Israel and around the world. The team followed the Book of Exodus and the story of the exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt. For several weeks our students planned the route of their trip, calculated the necessary budget they would need and designed a logo that would go on the fourth-grade students’ shirts. The learning process included doing research in teams, reading texts in Hebrew and English, graphic design, printing 3D models using Microsoft Software (an amazing souvenir from the trip) and photography with an upcoming exhibition. Throughout their time working on the project, the children demonstrated leadership skills, creative thinking, entrepreneurship, teamwork, critical thinking, decision making and problem-solving skills. p