There are many unknowns behind each question being asked, and there are many important issues surrounding them. Therefore, one of our main goals is to make each student aware of his/her mental, emotional, social, academic and behavioral potential. This is achieved at each child’s own pace and aimed at achieving personal growth by offering Zarkor’s students to participate in our elective courses. All our elective courses incorporate two main vectors: 1) developing a complex set of skills and knowledge associated with a topic chosen by a student; 2) developing emotional and social skills, needed in various areas in life. p

Our elective courses program is geared to cultivating children’s decision-making skills. At this age, we do not intend for our students to focus on any particular field, but rather we will expose them to as many diverse experiences and sectors of knowledge as possible. Elective courses are offered during the second term and focus on an in-depth immersion in a topic that is close to our student’s heart. This freedom to choose ensures that children have a more meaningful learning experience and take ownership of their learning processes. The byproduct of making a choice will be learning about personal priorities and developing an ability to give up on things that may not be as important as others. For example, is it more important for me to be in a group with specific friends or to learn more about the subject of interest to me? Or, is the personality of a specific teacher a deciding factor for me, rather than a specific area of studies? p

As part of our elective courses, the school choir recorded
:"קטן עלינו" the song