Third Grade's Haggadah Project

This was a classic example of interdisciplinary and project-based learning. This time – through our Passover Haggadah project. This project was product-oriented, whereas the goal was for the children to go home for the Passover holiday with a personalized Haggadah, full of personal and meaningful items from their recent time at school. This project allowed the children to learn about Passover, Seder and Haggadah. The personalized Haggadah included mathematical content, texts in two languages (English and Hebrew), science, geography, baking recipes, comics, art and more. As part of their learning process, the children documented each other explaining about the Haggadah and the work that they put into creating it. Students were encouraged to reflect on the whole process but most importantly – to take pride in the final product which they invested so much time creating. p