Mission to space

Over the past few months, our third and fourth-grade students from our elective physics course worked hard. They completed the four challenges of the Ramon Foundation’s micro-gravity competition. During their work on different challenges Zarkor students created an image inspired by the forces that operate in space, a model of the international space station, an activity for Israeli astraunaut and more. Out 200 Israeli schools participating in the competition, Zarkor reached the final challenge of the competition, together with 30 schools from all over the country. p

”No Dream Is Beyond Reach“

That was the message that was written on the bracelets the students from our physics and astronomy elective courses received during their visit to the “Sky Complex” – the place where all space missions are conducted. This second Israeli mission sent astronaut Eytan Stibbe to the international space station. In fact, he is the first Israeli to reach the international space station. The Ramon Foundation led the mission while the children from Zarkor were given a wonderful, insightful and inspiring tour of the complex. As a result, the students received a glimpse of how science is applied in the real world, which goes beyond what they learned in class or by watching screens. p